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Snow Ball Maker-THE JOY KID

Snow Ball Maker

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Hey, do you want to absolutely destroy the competition in a snowball fight?

The cool new Snowball Maker is a clever device that helps you create an entire arsenal of snowball ammunition, up to 60 snowballs a minute, without ever getting your gloves wet or freezing your hands! With a massive surplus of snowballs ready to go, an overwhelming pre-emptive snowball strike will ensure complete and total victory in your backyard.


  • An essential snowball toy for snowball fight
  • Makes preparation perfect snowballs easily and quickly
  • Every snowball is soft, round and great for throwing
  • Includes a molded handle for easy use
  • It's made of very durable, high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), so it's built to last
  • Can also be used as a sand mold or as a bath bomb mold

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